The wolf howls in the wilderness "I AM! I AM!"

This is basically a "Hi, my name is..." page

I am Andrew Coll. If you meet me, feel free to start a conversation , I do have a sense of humor
My current interests include: The TA, and improving my personal skills.
If you have any comments regarding my page, feel free to sign my guestbook with a constructive message, narcisistic comment, or wantonly destructive criticism, as you like.

Wherever I may roam...

Sluggy: Worship the comic! For it is nifty...
Userfriendly : almost as nifty :> admit it, if you work in an office you know these people :>
The personal Skills page.: This page exists to diseminate knowledge on personal skills. Inspirational stuff.
The dilbert zone: The tragic, yet hilarious antics of those cartoon engineers. Eerily familiar...
My bookmarks: I clearly explore the web a lot.
Celebrants homepage.: This page has general life stuff and humor and computing stuff.
Department of Computer Science at Edinburgh University: Where I'll be studying come september..)
The Department of Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University: Where I'm off to next..:)
Aspergers Syndrome stuff. : A list of resources collated by myself.
The Daily Telegraph. : Its pretty good as online journalism goes.
Mens Health online.: Loads of useful and cool stuff.
Clan of the cats: I like kittens and comics, and kittens in comics

I've seen my reflection in the eyes of web surfers.
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